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Sportsnet World is a Canadian English language Category B digital cable and satellite speciality channel that is owned by Rogers Media. Sportsnet World primarily airs top level association football (soccer), featuring exclusive coverage of the Barclays Premier League along with content from other leagues in Europe. In addition, it airs matches from Rugby League.

The channel was launched as Setanta Sports, in partnership with Ireland-based Setanta Sports, on August 10, 2007 in time for the2007–08 Premier League season. As a dedicated channel within Rogers’ sports pay-per-view service Sportsnet PPV. Although operating under a pay-per-view licence. Setanta acted as a pay television service, with a 24-hour commercial-free schedule, rather than a pay-per-view service where customers are prompted to pay a price for each individual event.

In July 2011, Rogers announced that Setanta Sports would be rebranded as part of the Rogers Sportsnet family of networks on October 3, 2011, becoming Sportsnet World. The change was intended to allow the channel to be cross-promoted through other Sportsnet properties – which would also be rebranded with a new logo and image campaign on the same day. In preparation for the relaunch, Setanta Sports’ minority stake in the channel was sold to another company, MLM Management, and the rights to Setanta programming were maintained by the channel. Despite being branded as a Sportsnet service, it remained a premium channel separate from the Sportsnet regional networks and Sportsnet One. MLM Management’s interest in the channel was sold to Rogers in early 2012, giving Rogers 100% interest in the service.

Sportsnet World features live and recorded events from the following leagues and competitions:


  • United Kingdom: Premier League, FA Cup, Scottish Premier League.
  • Continental Europe: Bundesliga
  • Europe: FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Qualifiers, International friendlies
  • North America: Toronto FC, CONCACAF Champions League

The Sportsnet family of channels broadcasts 5 Premier league games a week, the other 5 of which are broadcast on the TSN family of channels. Sportsnet World typically broadcasts 3 matches a week, often one of which is broadcast simultaneously on the Sportsnet regional channels.

The Sportsnet channels show one third of all Toronto FC matches, the other two-thirds of which are shown on the TSN family of channels. Toronto FC matches are often shown on Sportsnet World, while simultaneously broadcast on another sister channel, such as Sportsnet 360 or Sportsnet One.

Rugby League

  • Australia: National Rugby League
  • Europe: Engage Super League
  • Canada: The Rugby League Show

Sportsnet World HD is a high definition simulcast of Sportsnet World’s standard definition feed. It was launched on August 1, 2010 as Setanta Sports HD. It was renamed Sportsnet World HD on October 3, 2011 to coincide with the rebranding of Setanta Sports to Sportsnet World.

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