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Sky Calcio è un gruppo di canali televisivi a pagamento disponibile nella piattaforme televisive Sky.

Sky Calcio è anche una pay per view in quanto è possibile acquistare anche singolarmente i programmi televisivi dei canali televisivi Sky Calcio.

Come gruppo di canali televisivi Sky Calcio è fruibile sottoscrivendo il pacchetto Sky Calcio, come pay per view invece è fruibile sottoscrivendo almeno uno dei pacchetti di canali televisivi di Sky. A marzo 2014 gli abbonati del pacchetto Sky Calcio sono 2,28 milioni (il 50% degli abbonati).

Sky Football is a group of television channels for a fee Available in television platforms Sky .

Sky Football is also a pay per view because you can also buy separately the television programs of TV channels Sky Calcio.

As a group of TV channels Sky Calcio is usable by signing the package Sky Calcio , like pay-per-view instead is usable by signing at least one of Sky TV channels packages. In March 2014, the Sky Football Package subscribers are 2.28 million (50% of subscribers).

TV channels 

Sky Football consists of 17 television channels:

  • Juventus Channel (channel 212)
  • Roma TV (channel 213)
  • Football Info Sky (channel 248 in FTA)
  • Sky Supercalcio HD (channel 206 and 249)
  • SkyCalcio 1 (channel 251 in HD or 271)
  • SkyCalcio 2 (channel 252 in HD or 272)
  • SkyCalcio 3 (channel 253 in HD or 273)
  • SkyCalcio 4 (channel 254 in HD or 274)
  • SkyCalcio 5 (channel 255 in HD or 275)
  • SkySoccer 6 (channel 256 in HD or 276)
  • SkyCalcio 7 (channel 257 in HD or 277)
  • SkyCalcio 8 (channel 258 in HD or 278)
  • SkyCalcio 9 (channel 259)
  • SkyCalcio 10 (channel 260)
  • SkyCalcio 11 (channel 261)
  • SkyCalcio 12 (channel 262)
  • SkyCalcio 13 (channel 263)

Sky Football Info is a presentation of the contents of the channel Sky Calcio. On the remaining channels are offered various paid content.

Live Gol 

Football on Sky numbered channels (channels 251-265) is the interactive service Direct Goals by pressing the green button on the remote control. The service allows you to view a mosaic made up of eight screens simultaneously to see live all matches aired, updates of the standings in Serie A, the ranking of the markers and the service Goals Alert that the replay of goals scored over all the fields of football.

The service Direct Goals is not only limited to the Serie A , but is also used in other events which provide matches simultaneously, of which Sky has the rights.

Operators of interactive services:

Fulvio Achermann
Flavia Achermann
Federico Ciapparoni
Eleonora Calabria
David Felisari
Jacopo Leoni
David Toselli

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